Some of the services we provide are a little different than other organizations. First off, we will never charge a veteran a membership fee. A veteran has paid enough by serving his country. All events we provide for veterans are free as well. Our events include food and drink and thousands of dollars worth of prizes to give away. I make this special by bringing the community together and honoring our veterans in a very impressive way. Thousands of dollars in products are donated by companies to the VFA through cannabis, genetics, Soil, Nutrients, Grow gear, a few local community Restaurants also provide food for our events. At all of our events cannabis is provided as well as concentrates, and edibles. So if you wanna smoke just ask, someone will take care of you.  

We all come together and throw you a huge party. There is a very large community that supports you. They want to show you how much they really do appreciate you and your service. We have other organizations that can help you as well. The whole reason for the alliance, is to bring community leaders and like minded individuals together to start a real support system. I've watched too many organizations try to compete for too long. How about, we team up and start a new idea. A system where a veterans can come and go and use any support system available to them for any reason because that what the right thing is. I'm not here to compete, I am here to team up with any organization that is pure and really wants to help our veterans. let's show the Nation how we support our veterans.