Welcome to Triceraterps Farms. This grow facility is designed to educate and help find veterans jobs. Triceraterps Farms is committed to helping veterans return back to society with a positive outlook and vision. veterans are oftentimes overlooked, But I know that veterans hold a lot of value after service. We are strong, loyal, and when we are given a purpose, we shine brighter and perform at peak levels longer than the average person. Our commitment to serve our community and others is what we know best. 

Now is the time to help! We are loosing 22 plus veterans a day. This is unacceptable, yet no one has givien a lot of thought to how we can fix this issue. The last 5 years I have been developing a plan to help veterans get back to serving their community once again. Plus working with plants is proven to make you happier and live longer. a real chance at reintegration in Oklahoma. 

Cannabis helps veterans on so many levels, It helped me get out of isolation and seek the right therapy I needed to recover.  

UPDATE: 06/08/2017 VFA/CVC can no longer help Colorado veterans due to over regulation from the strict laws. HB-1221 passage restricts from helping patients grow their plants even for free. Colorado VFA Chapter is closed

Jan 2019, UPDATE


is transitioning to Oklahoma to launch a new project.