• Class room curriculum designed by some of the most successful growers and breeders in the US.
  • Multiple training facilities for convenience to the veteran.
  • Satellite Fast Track program is a 90 day course under a 500 lights commercial grow facility. This will be a fast pace course for the dedicated. Each training facility will have its own unique training program.
  • CannaVets Certification Program is a 210 day course, It consists of 90 days classroom training from Seed to Sale, and 120 days in the garden. We sponsor 4 veterans a year for this program. Free housing, Free van to use while attending the program
  • QFTP Quick Fast Track is a 7 day program that  teaches you cloning, packaging, and customer service for light work and entry level positions to those that qualify.
  • You are certified according to all Oklahoma State regulations for QFTP, SFTC and CVCP before you can be added to the employment page.
  • You must be approved by the state of Oklahoma in order to utilize this program. Click here  to see if you are eligible. 



  • Program is free to all qualified veterans
  • Comradery, and fellowship among veterans
  • Veterans have discipline, and untapped potential in this industry. 
  • Veterans are comfortable with structure and procedures.   
  • Job skills posted online for instant hiring
  • Job listing posted within 72 hours of program completion
  • You pick the area you want to work 
  • Licensed facilities rank you and you rank the licensed facility
  • Facilities protect their investment by using trained, and certified veterans over someone that has been taught the wrong  techniques which cost the business thousands to millions in revenue loss.
  • 61% of our veterans range from age 21-60 yrs old in the US that can still contribute to helping their community. 370,000+ veterans can have a career. 
  • Opportunity Tax Credit $9000 tax credit to each hired veteran WOTC details can be found here see if your business qualifies for this program
  • Purpose is what our veterans need. Its time to call on you once again. Your local veterans need you. Grown by veterans for veterans and its community.


Veteran Farmers Alliance

Here at Veteran Farmers Alliance, we are dedicated to helping veterans find a purpose after service. VFA is in it's 4th year and we've helped thousands of veterans with access to better medicine and self sustainability. 

2019 is looking good for Oklahoma veterans.