Welcome to the Veteran Farmers Alliance page. This organization is designed to help veterans get out of isolation and back into civilization. We are a new organization that is committed to helping veterans return back to society with a positive outlook and vision.  I have watched many organizations operate and I see a lot of problems. I want a pure organization that really does help veterans. No membership fees will ever be asked from a veteran. The way VFA operates is simple, we take the donation and give it to the veterans at our events. If you are donating, we ask that you come and donate the product personally. We feel its just as rewarding to give your product away to someone who will truly be thankful and use it. Cannabis helps veterans, It helped me get out of isolation and seek the right therapy I needed to recover. I would love to tell you cannabis will fix everything. It won't! It is however a great start to getting re motivated to seek alternate forms of therapy and find your purpose again and heal. Our events not only show the support veterans are lacking but, we also bring other organizations in to educate you on other techniques that work for veterans. One organization cannot do it all. As the VFA forms alliances with other organizations and sponsors. You will see the community take shape and support will grow for our veterans. I am proud to form the VFA. I hope when you attend you feel happy and love that your community is showing. Come be apart of the new standard in veterans care.